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Jamie Burke has had a long and wildly successful career as a professional rugby player for the USA Women’s National Rugby team. She has numerous accolades, has played in 3 World Cups, and is currently the most capped woman in USA Rugby’s history – earning her a spot in USA Rugby’s Hall of Fame. Jamie Burke is now taking her professional experience and applying it to current players.


Mose Timoteo has excelled in rugby over several decades, earning 32 caps for the USA Men’s National Rugby team as well as multiple appearances for the USA Rugby National 7s team. He holds multiple championship titles across several teams and was recently inducted into the 2022 Hall of Fame. He is now using his in-depth knowledge to coach players ranging from HS rugby to professional.

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Adam played at the University of Arizona and continued there for 11 years as associate head coach. His coaching stints included time with PlayRugby USA in NY, Men's 7s  in St. Louis, the Uni. of Arizona Women's  7s/15s,, Atlantis 7s, Rugby Oregon's 7s/15s HS girl's select sides, Stars 15s, Uni. of Pennsylvania Women's 7s/15s, Philly Women's 7s, and the EPRU Women's 7s select side. . His favorite things about rugby are undoubtedly the people, and that there is always something new to learn and think about.

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